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The aim of navigator partnership is to promote psychological health and well being in our community.
We seek to achieve this by providing a wide range of psychological support services for individuals, couples and groups in a safe and friendly environment.

Our associates are appropriately trained psychologists, workshop facilitators and counsellors, having a broad range of experience in industry, the NHS and private practice.


Our lives rarely run smooth and from time to time we need help in maintaining a positive and healthy outlook. Our self esteem or self confidence can take a knock, leading to states of anxiety, depression and panic. Sessions can be set up and designed to help you deal with your particular problem with a more positive outlook.


Sometimes negative feelings, such as guilty intolerance towards others, sadness and hopelessness, can all have their origins within your relationship. People often seek to alleviate these feelings through medication and the help of their GP and indeed sometimes their psychological and physical feelings can have an underlying emotional cause.

Research shows that couples that attend counselling have a more positive mood and feel more able to deal with future problems.


We offer a range of self help workshops for people who want a better understanding of what is troubling them. This may be anxiety, stress, depression, self esteem etc. so they may help themselves to full health and to build resilience for the future.

These workshops will also be of interest to carers and people in the helping professions, perhaps volunteering or working for a charity that seeks to support people in need.



Starting from January 2013.




Courses for the summer period will be released shortly. Please check back soon or e-mail us at to request a copy of the summer timetable when it is released.